PostHeaderIcon Basic Gold making tips and tricks for WOW 5.4! Easy tactics!

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25 Responses to “Basic Gold making tips and tricks for WOW 5.4! Easy tactics!”

  • Maxi Diaz says:

    `What is the Addon??

  • Sayrawr says:

    There is also a website called theunderminejournal that helps a lot :)

  • Adanis Basilio says:

    what is the name of the addon that shows prices and things when you mouse
    over an item?

  • Frostseek says:

    Thanks man!!!

  • Tyler Underwood says:

    ik am a noob and i be playing a feral druid wats the best way to make gold
    on it am thinking about doing mining and jewelcrafting

  • SuperKorv123 says:

    please make a video in your own languange!

  • Seaneezer says:

    Whats your favorite mount?

  • therocker1321 says:

    I have an Question 😀 . its simple , What is your real life name ? I dont
    know if u ever mentioned it before .

  • MrZytex says:

    Hmm, check my profession gold guides with alchemy or just check out my new
    series :) Using alchemy alot there 😀 Good luck :)

  • schiiipy93 says:

    i just lvled up my alchemy from 1-600 today. i bought all things for AH and
    spend around 6k gold. So how is the best way to get back my gold? q for d&a
    what is ur favorite class/specc/race and why ? how much gold do u have ? in
    all chars together if i can ask about that 😛 ? off fy faen å dårlig i
    engelsk e e 😛

  • MrZytex says:

    Hehe, thanks man :) I am not nervous, but it can maybee seem that way
    because im not very good in english? I dunno ^^

  • MrZytex says:

    Thanks man :) Il have to think about that one 😀 Good question :)

  • MrZytex says:

    Awesome :) Answering that one in the QNA :)

  • Joel Davison says:

    Hey man, I was just wondering how you go about making money when a new
    expansion is released. Is this a time where you just sit back and watch
    which way the market leans so you know which professions to level? Or do
    you just straight level gathering professions? Also, how does inflation
    make you feel after every new expansion, making your massive amounts of
    money worth less than it is 😛

  • Earliestthrone5 says:

    Q&A What is your most memorable time in WoW? also nice hair cut:)

  • RuneDwarf1010 says:

    Easy, make imperial silk, then make them into bags 😀 You can also do
    celestial cloth which will allow you to make some pvp gear and pve gear as
    well! 😀

  • Traceoutify says:

    So I have two questions if you have the time. 1. How often do you check the
    AH to undercut competition. 2. How often do you spend the gold that you do

  • Olav Søhagen says:

    Her er et spørsmål! Hvor i landet kommer du fra? :) Bare på engelsk.

  • Akseli Lepistö says:

    I have questionns for the Q&A: How long have you played WoW? What other
    games do you play? What countries have you visited?

  • alex rodgers says:

    i love all you’re vids man and i really think you’re gonna be big ! you
    seem a lil nervous though 😀

  • MrZytex says:

    Il answer this in the QNA video 😀 Thanks man <3

  • TheVangsgaard says:

    When will Enchanting/Inscription gold guides come out? How old are you? And
    what are you doing outside of gaming? Do you love me as much as i love you?

  • Jacob McGarry says:

    how to make gold with tailoring? i dont seem to sell anything :/

  • MrZytex says:

    Il answer that one in the QNA video :) Thanks man !

  • MrZytex says:

    Hehe, thanks man 😀

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