PostHeaderIcon How to Make Gold: Jewelcrafting Guide 6k+ Per Hour! – WoW Patch 5.3 MoP

How to make gold in world of warcraft with jewelcrafting in mists of pandaria patch 5.1 Check out my channel for more gold guides and leveling! Additional Ta…

25 Responses to “How to Make Gold: Jewelcrafting Guide 6k+ Per Hour! – WoW Patch 5.3 MoP”

  • ixCeRRuTixi says:

    is that 1080p fake?

  • aquawar kingdomheart says:


  • EishexWoW says:

    The Bag addon is part of ElvUI.
    But, you can find similar addons that do that same job such as bagnon and arkinventory

  • Slpstck says:

    Dude, what is that bag addon? (sorry if you already answered this, I scrolled down through comments, didn’t see an answer…)

  • pdrakk says:

    Are you talking about the Postal addon? Seriously? It’s INCREDIBLY useful… Probably the one addon that saves me the most time on wow.

  • ViberHuunProduction says:

    Thank you really much, i just lost a lot of gold:)..

  • Mame Gaming says:

    /use Disenchant
    /use item:90904
    /use item:83793
    /use item:90905
    /use item:83794

    Your welcome :)

  • Swectorious says:

    Yeah, I’m starting to buy more and more now and occasinaly I find a full inventory of ghost iron ore for like 30-35g stacks because stupid people post it. It usually goes for 45g+ on my server. I also sell everything raw because roguestone is 9g and tiger opal 10g on my server so making the jewelry is a loss of gold because they sell for 9g and DE for 6g.

  • FrostyCoopist says:

    yea but we still manage to have ppl campin krol and what not and have ally run in groups to not get ganked…

  • Sky Sullivan says:

    i have a similar addon called accountant REALLY useful

  • EishexWoW says:

    Can i smell a way underpopulated server? Well, whatever works for you i guess

  • FrostyCoopist says:

    Idk why im watching this lol on my server i sell savage leather for 200-250 per stack and i can farm about 15+ stacks an hour messing around and if anyone undercuts me i either undercut them by like 1 gold or buy their leather price it to mine and boom im the only one on my server who is able to sell it on the AH now really 😛

  • EishexWoW says:

    Well it’s on screen instead of description lol

  • digitalfreak123 says:

    Yo forgot to put the macro in 😛

  • Tehseeker Thunderhorn says:

    How does you AH show how much you will make? mine dont show that? message me please if its another addon

  • EishexWoW says:

    That’s not that bad man… Just do it on a larger scale… i buy like 20-25k worth or ore/day! try buying around 5k and do that… easily make more gold in a short time. Remember your macros!

    IMPORTANT!!! Check the prices of your disenchant mats because for me on my server… it’s actually more profitable to vendor the jewelry rather than disenchant, buy about 1.5g

  • Swectorious says:

    When I bought Ghost Iron Ore for 1k gold and and prospected it all (I am 600JC) then crafted those rings until I couldn’t craft no more and then made those necklaces, got them disenchanted and then sold everything including the gems that were worth around 150g which I got some of it only sold for 1.5k in total. :(

  • EishexWoW says:

    It still works, maybe not to the full extent as in this vid, still expect amazing profit from this though, i make over 4k/day everyday

  • Swectorious says:

    How do I make money with JC then :(

  • Nyrax18 says:

    Which is the addon to change your cast bars?

  • EishexWoW says:

    I still make over 4k/day doing this and it only takes a few minutes out of my morning.. Gotta love private sellers :)

  • Brusk Rasool says:

    Seriously…? An adding just for your mailbox… A little extreme in my opinion.

  • Rupert Gerry says:

    too late into the patch now not worth it.

  • Swectorious says:

    I bought for 1k and it will all sell for 1.5k if it all sells O.O

  • Swectorious says:

    Trying this on Stormscale EU now :)

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